Black Friday

Amazon started it’s Black Friday frenzy today, which is the Monday before Black Friday.  I went over there to look, and most of the lightning or gold deals were claimed 100% way before the expiration time.  Where do people get all the money and time?  Are we spending future money again?

I just read an article in Newsweek about Christmas spending while taking my daughter to her annual.  It says there are about 12.8 million in the US that are still paying off their holiday debt from last year.  Last year.  What kind of debt takes one year to re-pay?  Did someone buy the whole Target or Apple store?

We don’t celebrate Christmas…I mean, we do have a tree and decorations and dinner, but we don’t exchange gifts.  My kids do not have to work for anything.  They ask for what they need or want and I’ll get it for them if the prices are reasonable; so they never ask for Christmas gifts.  My daughter just told me, “I don’t think I need anything for Christmas.”

It’s nice to give someone you love a gift, anytime, anywhere.  Christmas should not be made into the huge gift-giving berserk that we have now.  Ask for anything, buy everything, it’s Christmas!  Come-on people, control yourself!


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