Catch Up with Reading at Night

I used to read all the times and I read multiple books at once. There is always a book with me, in each car, on the night stand, next to the sofa, in my purse or on the shelves. My favorite reading time used to be right before bed, when all is quiet and calm, when it feels like all that left in the world is me. Then the kids came along.
Babies were fine. They fed and slept, then fed and slept more. Breastfeeding is reading friendly. I read so much when I nursed my kids. There’s a calmness in nursing that brought peace to my reading, no matter how nerve-wrecking or thrilling the story is. It was the best combination in my life at those times. The person you love the most in the world safe in your arms while you’re doing the thing you love the most in the world. Then the babies grew up.
Read aloud time took away my own reading time, especially with demanding toddlers like my daughter, who requested around 20 books every night. Then Good Night Moon was replaced by Magic Tree House, then Junie B. Jones, then Charlotte’s Web, The Giver, and finally 700-page books like Harry Potter. I went through the read-aloud stage twice, and am now on the third one.
I missed my reading. I still read, but I missed the my ability to read anytime, anywhere. I’m happy my kids are grew into readers, but I also want to grow as a reader. The compromise? Reading at night when everyone’s asleep. With homework and extracurricular activities, the kids are going to bed later and later; which means my reading time is pushed later and later. It has become a norm that I read at 1:00 in the morning. Yes, it’s pretty late, and yes, I’m tired; but between reading and sleeping, a no brainer.


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